Why Sponsor ASYF Annual Conference?

The Annual Conference brings together youth and young leaders from all over the world to discuss pertinent issues, and map out potential strategies and solutions. ASYF Annual Conference hosts the largest youth-lead conference in the region, which grapples and discusses the region’s future in utmost seriousness with renowned scholars and media personnel. It promises excellence and success, and ultimately – a result, which feeds into the yearly projects it undertakes

1- Target Young Leaders

ASYF seeks to identify the most talented and suitable individuals, in order to build their capacities for the ultimate aim of enabling positive change in the region. Our past conferences speak for themselves: organised by a dedicated team of young volunteers entirely, attracting local and international attention – and growing remarkably in members and interested stakeholders as a result. Partners and Sponsors will have access to an entire body of hundreds of youth with immense potential and talent, who are ready to work tirelessly towards a meaningful cause.

2- Long-term Investment

As aligned with our goals, we seek to build meaningful relationships and networks. The benefits of sponsoring ASYF Annual Conference are not limited to the conference – but rather extends to allowing sponsors and partners to tap into ASYF networks as well as prioritise collaboration on future initiatives.

3- Rebuild a better future

It’s not a cliche. Our dedication to bettering our countries and seeking new solutions come with our ability to have agency, and be empowered. The Annual Conferences have been the birth of all ASYF’s initiatives and projects, which both individually and collaboratively are far-reaching and making an impact. We are primary resources and results in ourselves, simultaneously and are working towards extensive projects which promise to reverberate regionally and worldwide.

ASYF Annual Conference offers ideal packages for sponsors, which
promotes their brand, services, increases their social profile among
conference attendees all whilst meeting their marketing objectives.
In addition to offering gratitude for their collaboration and services.

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