Science Technology

NASA: The Mars Generation


The Mars Generation is a project with the fundamental aim of expanding the human sphere in outer space, however, also educate and excite the youths and establish an understanding of the importance of space exploration and “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” (STEM) education. The NASA-led project doesn’t solely focus on exciting people, but also educates the masses of the advantages of investing in space exploration. Don’t be spaced out, join the move.

Artificial Intelligence, robotics and the Future of You:


Machine Learning; which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on teaching computers how to do specific tasks very well, has seen a huge leap in development in the past few years. This is pushing automation to the next level. Whether it is self-driving cars, smart manufacturing robots, or software that can analyze and understand data to make critical decisions quickly; all these improvements are pushing humanity forward technologically. But what are the impacts on job, society, and wealth distribution? How will the next wave of automation change your future?

State Censorship and Its Implications on Privacy and Freedom


In this dialogue, professionals will come to discuss the effect of state censorship and surveillance on the privacy and freedom of an individual. This may be covered from a range of perspectives, such as state censorship on certain topics, which may breach a citizen’s political freedom, etc. Guests of this dialogue will share their expertise with the audience, do you accept to have your privacy and freedom oppressed?