Politics and Economics

Wadah Khanfar - Embracing the Future:


What best defines identity? Al-Sharq Forum focuses very carefully on the ‘four major civilizations’ of the MENA region: The Arabs, Kurds, Persians and Turks. Yet, it doesn’t define the vast identities – which are complex and loaded within their own selves. the question that begs to differ, is there any need to at all? Is collectivization of identity truly the way forward for the region? Can they keep up in a fast changing world, where identities are no longer perceived the same way as in history books? For that matter, are collective identities even necessary for the unity and rebuilding of the region? Or is there a greater force or principle out there that manages to keep races and regions united?. Wadah Khanfar the president of Al Sharq forum will come and speak about the Transnational identity of Al Sharq and foresee how the region will look like in the near future.

Mahathir Mohamad - A Message to the Leaders of the Future:


How do we establish a more justful and stable world order? Mahathir Mohamad is coming to advise the youth on the moral necessity when initiating a new political model in the region. His vast and valuable political knowledge from his 22-year period serving as the Malaysian Prime Minister will also be showcased when exploring and assessing what makes a healthy and positive political formula versus what is destined for failure. The former prime minister will also share with the audience the importance of gaining popular support and how. This is best represented through the Malaysian population electing him as Prime Minister five consecutive times.

The Future is Auspicious: Welcome to Al Sharq Youth Forum

In this speech, An ASYF representative should highlight the need for a thematic platform for the Youth of the region to meet and discuss the region’s issues. Additionally, he/she should highlight the efforts and projects that ASYF is striving to achieve, as well as the Youth’s strategies and long term objectives. Would like to be part of this network?

The future will be Decentralized :


Decentralization is often a symbol of advancement and progress, as it entitles more freedom and inclusivity. Decentralization may be a driving factor for greater creativity due to the increased involvement and responsibility given to employees, facilitating more growth and smooth flowing of connections and operations. In this segment, “Speaker” will talk of the potential changes that may occur as a result of decentralization of managements in networks, such as increased peer to peer connections and decision making.

Technological Advancements and the Future of Democracy:


Technological advancements have made possible many acts, such as connecting with one another in real time, E-voting and free sharing of opinions. The technological revolution, which initiated the new social medias we know today has allowed for more openness and transparency, enabling people to protest, march, demand and pave a more favorable and justful democratic system. Technology has also forever revolutionized the way we cast our votes, entitling us to vote online, ensuring more accurate results and less corruption, for example, rigged results. Are you on board?

A Blockchain Revolution:


Blockchain technologies, which power digital currencies such as bitcoins are becoming increasingly more popular and used. Amongst the many uses of blockchain technologies are the ability to store data permanently and securely, allow peer to peer connections, as well as various services in the health and educational sectors. Blockchain technologies ensure that transactions remain transparent to prevent attempts of corruption. With the potential embedded, blockchain technologies are well and truly paving a revolutionary movement in the modern world.