Cafe Exhibition

For the purpose of social bonding, the opportunity to meet world elites in various fields will be facilitated throughout the conference through the creative setting of our tea and coffee breaks.

What is special about this?

1.Special arrangement:

Special corners will be designated to those interested in social networking with world elites of politics, economics, business, media, IT and arts; where each will have a separated area to smoothen networking for participants.

2. Artistic decorations:

Each networking corner will have its special creative decoration that simulates the real life so that participants could feel more casual and comfortable to allow for better networking and social bonding.

3.Business opportunities:

Our participants will have the opportunity to contact in-person some of the leading companies in the region which will be available for direct contacting through their booths and exhibitions set inside the grand hall.

4. Funny & interactive activities:

Throughout the conference, several games and activities are to take place in the café breaks. Stay tuned for our surprises.