Business and Entrepreneurship

The Future of Business in Al Sharq, Any Opportunities?


In this segment, speakers may analyze currently successful businesses, such as Uber and Airbnb; who without owning any rooms, have more rooms on offer than most hotel and accommodation services in the world, Their success is also reflected in their employment as they only have 800 full-time employees, in comparison to a hotel chain, such as Hilton, who employ approximately 152,000. Speakers may pinpoint certain characteristics of successful businesses, and present their opinions as well as potential opportunities. Are you sold on the idea?

The Business of Bitcoin and Digital Currency: Are you In?


Bitcoin is a business which relies on the operation of blockchain technologies to safely/securely transact money without intermediaries. In a world where everything is slowly but surely digitizing, money will inevitably follow the trend too. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, aimed to better suit 21st century tech needs. Digital currencies can be used for purchases, payments, transactions, etc. Expected benefits of digital currencies include quick, cheap and secure transactions. With the potential in place, are you invested?

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of You:


Machine Learning; which is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on teaching computers how to do specific tasks very well, has seen a huge leap in development in the past few years. This is pushing automation to the next level. Whether it is self-driving cars, smart manufacturing robots, or software that can analyze and understand data to make critical decisions quickly; all these improvements are pushing humanity forward technologically. But what are the impacts on job, society, and wealth distribution? How will the next wave of automation change your future?

A Cultural Shift: Values and Business:


Over the past two decades, the world has undergone some major revolutions and advancements, in fields such as communication. Indeed as communication revolutionized with the invention of the telegraph and phonograph, etc. The many revolutions that took place have played a large factor in shaping the values and methods of business that we use in the modern world, as they have aided in transforming the world into a small community where ideas are freely shared, hence creating a people of more accepting and open minded values.