Art Night

As a part of our fantastic youth conference, a breathtaking artistic activity with various interesting sessions will take place at the night of the first day of the conference. The main purpose of this activity is to create an atmosphere of entertainment and fun, and at the same time highlight Al-Sharq region arts, traditions and cultural varieties, and enrich our party with edutaining cultural sessions.

Day: Saturday night Time: 7pm - 10pm

In this night, participants will enjoy the company of:

Marcel Khalife;

playing “Al-Sharq Symphony”.

Al Sharq Symphony is a symphonic-choral composition played by the famous artist Marcel Khalife. This masterpiece was debuted in a concert in Piacenza, Italy in 2006.
Marcel Khalife is composer, oud master, singer, performer and UNESCO artist for peace. For many years, he’s taught music at public and private music institutions. Moreover, during that same period, he toured the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States, giving solo performances on the oud in several prestigious halls. Oud playing was traditionally constrained by the strict techniques that governed this art. Highly talented and skillful musicians – such as Marcel Khalife – were, however, able to free the instrument from those constraints and thus greatly expand its possibilities.

Hamza Namira;

singing for better future.

Hamza Namira is a famous singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His uniqueness is not only being one of the faces of the Arabic modern culture, but also his insistence on discussing the real and relevant social and humanitarian issues through his songs, to keep us firmly rooted in our culture and tradition, and dreaming of a better future.

Alia Khan;

presenting on “Modest Fashion”

Islamic fashion design and the global hijab culture are rapidly evolving. Leading the charge of the style movement are cosmopolitan Muslim women in their 20s and 30s. Alia Khan is one of them.
Alia Khan is the Founder and Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC), an organization established for the development of the Islamic fashion and design industry worldwide. With offices in 9 countries and growing rapidly to other countries, IFDC is the world’s leading fashion and design (art, architecture, interiors, etc.) council representing the Islamic economy and its stakeholders. IFDC aligns itself with established and budding mainstream as well as Islamic fashion and design brands, government organizations, institutions, corporations, global conferences, events, fashion weeks, and publications to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence that will lead its talent to the global marketplace.

Nawras Abu Saleh;

screening “Oversized Coat”.

Nawras Abu Saleh is a young promising screenwriter and filmmaker. He will be screening his masterpiece film: “Oversized Coat”. It is considered to be the first and the only film of its kind to reflect Palestinians’ suffrage throughout the years, highlighting the two witnessed “Intifadas” and the “Peace Conventions” that led to the present Palestinian status quo.

“Mevlana” Dance;

a special cultural performance.

The “Whirling Dervishes” took their name from Jelaleddin Rumi (1207-1273), the mystical poet and great scholar, called Mevlana (our leader) by his disciples. This cultural (and religious) dance has become at the heart of the Turkish culture and traditions.
In addition to that, some other Persian, Kurdish and Arab cultural performances are to be presented in this night.

… And you;

dressing your folklore customs

Participants are highly encouraged to attend this activity with their traditional folklore customs; be it Turkish, Persian, Kurdish or Arab. We’re eager to see the attractiveness of our cultures, aren’t you!